KCSB Publications Coordinator

Posted: April 21, 2015

The Publications Director designs and produces KCSB publications including flyers, ads, and most importantly, KCSB’s quarterly printed schedule. A penchant for art/graphic design is a must. Experience with Photoshop and or other digital design programs is useful.

Partial List of Duties/Regular Tasks

  • Create KCSB’s quarterly program schedule and assist the promotions director in distributing them
  • Organize KCSB’s annual T-shirt design contest
  • Develop KCSB informational brochure
  • Create ads and flyers for KCSB events, including KJUC Orientation, T-shirt Contest, etc.

Please answer the following questions in detail on a separate sheet of paper. Only typewritten responses attached to this application will be considered.

  1. Please detail any and all relevant experience, inside and outside of KCSB/KJUC. Please provide evidence of any experience, if applicable.
  2. What is your impression of the Publications Coordinator position? Have you spoken with the current Publications Coordinator about this position? If so, what have you learned?
  3. What kinds of other skills (i.e. technical, organizational, time management, personnel, etc.) do you have that you feel would help you in this position?
  4. What is your impression of KCSB, including its values, mission, and significance? Be sure to address every aspect of the station.
  5. Why do you want to be Publications Coordinator?
  6. What are some of your goals and objectives for this position, KCSB, and its print presence?
  7. What level of time commitment are you willing to devote to the carrying out of your goals and objectives?
  8. Is there any additional information you feel is relevant?


Member of the Associated Students UCSB during entire term of office. Must have at lease a 2.0 cumulative GPA at application time. Must be legally trained on the station equipment and logs and have passed the FM competency test prior to term of office.

Suggested Qualifications:

Should have an understanding of the station, its operations, its policies, and its bylaws. Strong leadership skills, ability to prioritize tasks, complete projects on time, and meet deadlines strongly recommended.

Additional Information:

Any questions should be directed to either Kenny Oravetz or Marta Ulvaeus. Please observe all deadlines.

Hours Per Week: up to 18
Location: KCSB in Storke Communications Building
Wage: $9.75

Keywords: Graphic Arts, Printing, Radio